Imogen Freeland trained in BA Photography at Falmouth University in 2010 and received a Masters in Photography with Distinction from London College of  Communication in 2015. She lives and works in London. 

Her work investigates the complex relationship between subject and photographer and is interested in the validity of photography as a means of representing reality.

Interviews, features, and reviews of her work have been published in Source Photographic Review, Photoworks, Aesthetica Magazine, where she was listed as one of their 'Next Generation Future Greats', Refinery29, Shutterhub and The Photographers Gallery online to mention a few. Her work has been exhibited at the Pingyao International Photography Festival and OffPrint at the Tate Modern. She was shortlisted for the Troika Mentoring Award in 2014 and then went on to win the the John E Wright Award at Format Festival in 2015. She was awarded the FORMAT / Flaneur Project Bursary in 2016. In the past she has also received Honourable Mention's in the International Photography Awards. She is currently nominated for the Magnum Photos Graduate Awards.

Her renowned body of work Your Companion in Silence, attempts to explore the spaces between reality and representation and to restore some meaning to the notion of 'connections'.  In a digital era in which both the practice of art and the usage of social media offer us the means to craft personae and build idealised selves. Beginning and ending with a relationship in pieces, Your Companion in Silence, chronicles a network of acquaintances, friends and lovers as they pass through the prism of the photographer's lens. Aware of the conflict between her responsibility as an artist to convey truth as well as the trust placed in her by each subject, and the unavoidable distortions created by the process of artistic interpretation, Freeland allows her own self-consciousness and uncertainty to inform both the words and images of the finished work. The result is, on the one hand, a study on the concept of authorship, and on the other, a simple story of someone trying – and sometimes failing – to reconnect with the people who ought to matter.


Aesthetica Magazine

Crack Magazine

Foster and Thatcher



Oyster Magazine

The Photographers Gallery

Source Photographic Review

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Shortlisted for the Magnum Graduate Photography Awards 2017

Awarded the Flaneur Project Bursary 2016

Winner of the John E Wright Award 2015

Shortlisted for the Troika Mentoring Award 2014

Shortlisted for the Discovery of the Year at The International Photography Awards 2010